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Client Testimonial

It's inspiring and uplifting when you come across a standout entrepreneur and a great guy like Jeff. I had the pleasure of working with him while I was in the 90-day business accelerator program that he headed in partnership with The Valley Economic Alliance and Comerica Bank. At the time I was on a mission to bring a new technology product to market. In short order it was clear that my product was going to require a lot more time, money, resources and people than I had or had access to. His experience and knowledge in business is unsurpassed, and it shows when you work with him.

​Because of the accelerator program and Jeff's commitment to me, I created a unique value proposition for my customers and partners. In just one year I've taken it from a home based business to a commercial facility, and have started hiring employees. My future is bright and my business income has grown over 400% in just the last six months!

Stan Gelfer
CEO | MPress.LA