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The Next Level 90 program helps you take your business from wherever it is now to its Next Level in just 90 days. We start by leveraging our strengths as business visionaries and strategists, developing an operating plan for 90 days. Your coach helps you manage this plan on a weekly basis, laying the foundation for how to continually level up in your business.

When you engage with a Next Level 90 coach you are committing to a 90-day program. You are declaring the future state of your business and our coaching has you identify the goals and milestones that are relevant and critical to reaching the Next Level in your business. Your business and its Next Level are unique to you. Having an individualized approach to goal and milestone setting and the weekly management of the delivery on these goals creates an environment where effective actions deliver exceptional results.



Discover how our 90-day business accelerator can create desired outcomes and unprecedented results.



Create an effective game plan designed to establish concrete goals and fast track your success.



Actively scale your business, level up and tap into unlimited opportunities to accelerate your results.



We work with Business Owners, Executives, and Entrepreneurs whose businesses are generating $1M to $20M annually. We help you grow and scale strong, profitable businesses. We create a customized Gameplan, identify your Next Level and establish SMARTER goals to help you level up.

We coach from a concept of more money now. We help you identify your offering and create a scalable foundation for accelerated growth -- all by ensuring your focus is on having effective business systems and support in the areas of marketing, finance, leadership and more.

Our program requires a high level of commitment, focus, and drive. This program is a good fit for you if you are serious about achieving major results in 90 days, and are ready to invest between 1-3 hours a week in working on your business.


We work with experienced business owners who have achieved success but are ready to take Next Level steps toward building exponential growth for their 7 and 8-figure businesses. Your coaching team will start by identifying the future state of your business as you and your management team envision it. From there, we'll pinpoint your SWOT and begin to take action.

We hone in on areas including corporate culture, sales and marketing, business systems and operations, HR, hiring and training, leadership, and overall strategy. We work with committed, dedicated, and fiercely passionate business owners who are ready to achieve the Next Level.


"My partner and I are big believers in Jeff Cohen’s Next Level 90 business accelerator program. Jeff is an awesome entrepreneur and a great guy. He showed us how to improve the utilization of existing internal and external resources.

The first three months of the program enabled us to refine our path and focus on building our business as a team. We will continue to work with Jeff to grow our business exponentially. He has put us in contact with resources we never knew existed. With Jeff’s help, we have created a unique value proposition for existing customers and created a specific marketing program to bring on new resellers and new businesses. We will continue to grow our business with the help of Next Level 90."


"Working with Jeff has been a transformative experience--not only for my business but personally as well. I spent 90 focused days working through obstacles across strategic vision, financials and analytics for my growing company. I started knowing almost nothing about my finances and came to formal completion grossing over $10K/month in revenue. This, after having been homeless just two years prior and starting my business from nothing. Jeff doesn't wave a magic wand and fix what might be broken or pull miracles out of thin air. He models and teaches a whole new mindset from which to actively and consistently create abundance--and then it shows up."


"It's inspiring and uplifting when you come across a standout entrepreneur and a great guy like Jeff. I had the pleasure of working with him while I was in the 90-day business accelerator program that he headed in partnership with The Valley Economic Alliance and Comerica Bank. At the time I was on a mission to bring a new technology product to market. In short order it was clear that my product was going to require a lot more time, money, resources and people than I had or had access to. His experience and knowledge in business is unsurpassed, and it shows when you work with him.

​Because of the accelerator program and Jeff's commitment to me, I created a unique value proposition for my customers and partners. In just one year I've taken it from a home based business to a commercial facility, and have started hiring employees. My future is bright and my business income has grown over 400% in just the last six months!"




Comerica Incorporated (NYSE: CMA) is a financial services company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, strategically aligned by the Business Bank, the Retail Bank, and Wealth Management. The Business Bank provides companies of all sizes with an array of credit and non-credit financial products and services. The Retail Bank delivers personalized financial products and services to consumers. Wealth Management serves the needs of high net worth clients and institutions.

Union Bank

 Union Bank personifies relationship banking & responsible banking. Since 1864, we’ve been a pillar to the communities we serve. While we’ve expanded to 370 branches in the past 150 years, our foundation, built on trust and loyalty, remains the same. Our offering includes a wide range of commercial, retail banking, and wealth management solutions to meet the financial needs of all our customers. With over $2.5 trillion in assets, the global network includes 1,100 offices in over 40 countries. As a proud member of MUFG, we strengthen our global capabilities while we honor our legacy to the communities we serve.


Encompass-CX is a Customer Experience Management application designed to collect data from disparate systems with the single goal of measuring the overall customer experience. Their technology provides real-time visibility into the health of your accounts, products, and service teams, along with meaningful insights and automated actions that can be used from the executive-level boardroom to customer-facing teams.

Encompass-CX believes organized data leads to organized action.

"We are committed to be a community that connects, collaborates and contributes to others."

Jeff Cohen
Founder & CEO